Saturday, April 27, 2013

day 26:30 - 30 day challenge

day 26: picture of your family
i really need to invest in a scanner.
this would have been much more entertaining with some of the pictures we have on our walls...
siblings (because i can't find a full family photo on any of the computers)
cousins: mom's side (december 2012)
extended family: dad's side (2005 family reunion. pre weddings & additional kidlets)
this next comparison cracks me up.
cousins: dad's side (still 2005.  still yosemite)
i love how the girls are all so close together and well... "family like".
and the boys are very much... not.  and desmond is a little chunk that was stuck in a hole to stay still.
in total, as of 2013, i have the following on both sides of my family:
2 parents (shocking how that works, right?)
4 siblings
4 grandparents
5 aunts & uncles
14 cousins
3 cousin in laws
1 step cousin
1 "we still call you an uncle"
4 minion cousins (or whatever the technical term for "child of cousin" is... minions is more appropriate in my book anyways)

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