Thursday, April 18, 2013

day 17:30 - 30 day challenge

day 17: something you're looking forward to
ooooh boy.  the post i've been looking forward to!  this involves two events, one best friend & a whole lot of flashbacks.  and don't you doubt there will be some throw back photos up in here!
so basically, erika & i are going to relive our 2004 spring tour trip, but this time as chaperons.  both of our sisters are currently in the winter guard/band program at del oro, and every year they do a "tour" aka super fun trip to be awesome... with some education thrown in.  when we went 9 years ago (ugh i feel so old) we toured a college campus (i can't remember which one), knott's berry farm, medieval times and disneyland.  all in a matter of a few days.  we also hit disneyland again in 2006 for tour, but instead did a concert in california adventure and a day and a half in the parks.  due to the time crunch this year, the planned educational part of the trip (the queen mary) was left out, so we'll be heading down on friday, medieval times that night, and then disneyland all day saturday.  sure sure, we'll have to be the "grown ups" on board, but hey.  it's disneyland.  what more can we say?  so in one month from today, that's where we'll be :)
fall out boy 2013
yes yes.  the boys are back in town... and we are excited as ever.  it was announced feb 4th that fall out boy was back from hiatus and had a new album to release.  uhm.  friggin awesome.  erika & i bought tickets to their oakland show, and we cannot WAIT.  we've seen the boys twice together before.  once in 2006 at sac state (meet & greet.  holla!) and then once at memorial auditorium in 2009.  both times decked out in our matching t-shirts of awesomeness.  it has been a well over due wait for the new album, and let me just say it is FANTASTIC.  it was #2 on my to do list on tuesday (would have been #1 if dimple records was open before i had to be at the play center) and it was every little bit as awesome as expected.  yes, i did purchase the cd, even with the digital itunes era upon us.  it just feels right to physically own the cd.
and if all goes well in june, we'll be hopefully back to see them in SF in september.  so excited.  so very very excited.
may & june are both looking to have some awesome best friend moments.  i'm sure there will be some instagrams as well as picture blog posts to follow for sure :)

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