Sunday, April 14, 2013

day 13:30 - 30 day challenge

i felt bad for yesterday's blog post not having a picture... so here is a "semi-related to this post" picture of a holga.
somewhere, in the great beyond of my bedroom, i have a small little composition book that would fit in my pocket.  inside that booklet, is my bucket list.  a list of things of varying degrees that at some point i want to do in my life.  travel, create, live, love and so much more through each of those things on my list.  unfortunately... my room eats things, and right now, it's currently missing in action.  so for the time being, here are some greater goals for my life as of right now.
day 13: goals
move out on my own, hopefully before my little sister graduates high school in 2014
work out more.  aka put my free gym membership to use
push my photography business to be a stronger priority
travel.  go somewhere new and different.
blog more.  (at least this blog challenge is helping that one.  for now...)
of course the typical girl goal.  get married, have a family, yadda yadda ;)
take more pictures.  create more memories

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