Thursday, April 4, 2013

day 3:30 - 30 day challenge

day three.... and i have no clue where to begin with today's topic.  seriously.  do we all really want to read about this?  hm.  probably not.  i know that i barely want to write about it.  here goes...
day 3: your first love
well.  i grew up in the 90s.  so i guess one of my first loves would have to be...
the backstreet boys.
in particular, i was a nick carter fan.
i mean come on, what girl in their right mind didn't love them?
alright alright... to make up for that, here are some of my current "material world" loves:
comedy movies, whether rom com, or laugh super hard comedy
tap dancing
sonoma turkey sammies at quiznos
"mirrors" by justin timberlake (no seriously.  i heard/saw the video for the first time two days ago.  amazing)
my new sparkly toms
star shaped jewelry
a cruise through the fabric store (get it?  material world?  i really humor myself sometimes)
oreo sundaes at dennys.  delish...
oh.  those weren't the answers you were hoping for? my bad.  i'd prefer to keep this an "ex boyfriend" free zone.  at least this time around ;)  in the mean time, keep calm, and sing soft kitty.

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