Friday, April 19, 2013

day 18:30 - 30 day challenge

day 18: something you regret
my regrets don't involve not doing that one thing, going that one place, not buying that one thing, or even dating/not dating that one guy.  instead, this one has to do with the piano, and my youthful lack of desire for it, sending me in to a spiral of inability to jam like schroeder from the peanuts gang.  yep.  another music related post folks.
when i was younger, along with all my siblings, i took piano lessons through a woman at our church in rio linda.  at one point, it would be all three of us back to back (aileen wasn't old enough yet) for an hour and a half combined.  it was a good experience, but i was at that age i just didn't want to do it anymore.  so i think i lasted MAYBE two years, and then called it done.  but alas, i find myself now kicking myself for doing so.
i'm sure it would have helped me out immensely through high school with the percussion parts i was given in concert band, and i'm sure it also would have helped me out a ton with my sight reading skills...  yes, i totally wrote the notes in on my sheet music all the way through high school.
i wish i had stuck with piano maybe a year longer... maybe two...  i don't know.  long enough to at least feel semi masterful at being able to play chords with one hand and a medley with the other.  long enough to play more than the annoying "here comes the band" song i remember - it was the last song i think i learned before i quit.  long enough to be better at sight reading... maybe even long enough to play a full length song from a musical.  you know, with the fancy pedal movements, changes in tempo, chords, and all that jazz. the kinds of music you see the five year old prodigy children bust out on america's got talent.
sure, i could retry teaching myself now.  bust out one of those fancy phantom of the opera jams... maybe one day soon(er or later) i will sit down and attempt a thing or two.  but right now, i'll just deal with it.  or at least i'll keep telling myself that.  it feels like so much stuff is happening right now, and boy would i NOT want an audience to witness that happening!  i can at least say i feel that i'm better at the piano at this very moment than ross geller...  i mean, i can bust out heart and soul... or the rugrats theme song.

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