Tuesday, April 9, 2013

day 8:30 - 30 day challenge

i snapped this photo when testing the light when i did a shoot with my "siamese twin" and her husband last month... finally a chance to use it somewhere!
day 8: a place you've traveled
basically, the area of california that i live in is pretty awesome.  2 hours to the mountains, 2 hours to the ocean.  best of a little bit of everything.  now, i'm not much of a cold mountain person (though the boy is determined to take me camping... and i think erika is excited about the idea of camping together something) so my favorite day trip travel direction would have to be the bay area.
something about the beach, the fun shops, the little areas all make it so much fun.  we recently went for aileen's birthday last month and went to a few places we'd never been before, which is also part of the fun.  i've seen pier 39 plenty of times over the years, but we went to a few new places this trip.  i was particularly excited to see the "full house" house in real life, plus we ventured through ghirardelli square, which appeased my chocolate loving sister.
aside from the touristy san fransisco, i've also eaten at a pretty decent mexican restaurant in half moon bay as well as went to the place with "the best sushi ever" in walnut creek... or was it concord?  i wasn't driving, so i'm not totally sure.  jelly belly factory, market street & alcatraz are all excellent stops for those who have never been to the bay area.  sure, the jelly belly factory is in fairfield, but it's totally on the way TO the bay!  half moon bay, santa cruz, monterey and everything in between always prove to be a fun day trip, or even a quick weekend get away.  i've been yearning for some santa cruz beach boardwalk since the last time i went was 2010... so hopefully that can happen this year!  luckily between two day jobs and my photography, my current work schedule allows me the possibility to get out and about every so often!  

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