Sunday, April 7, 2013

day 6:30 - 30 day challenge

day 6: a picture of something that makes you happy
i'm steering clear of people & places with this one, since those appear to be coming up in later days.  the word for today's something isn't limited to one specific "thing" but instead it is a verb.  something that makes me happy is the ability to create.  i'll now break things down in my two main forms of "creation" and why they make me happy.
i've been sewing off and on for a long time.  like, i took my first sewing class when i still lived in rio linda (pre 1999) and still have the quilt from it.  my sewing years died off during jr high and high school, but once i hit my senior year, it came back and in action.  my senior project ended up being making & donating small quilts to shriner's hospital, and that's generally about the time i started sewing again.  the ability to take things from just a bolt of fabric, and turn them in to something new and exciting is a thrill, and the hard work that goes in to it totally pays off.
honestly, i don't craft much for myself.  i used to make skirts and stuff for me, but never wear them.  i guess i'm just picky... or know they aren't as cute as they would be if it was in a 3-5 year old size.  things are always cuter when they are smaller.  instead, i've taken to crafting for friends, family & those in need.  my friends are all at that point where we are starting to get married & have babies, so being able to create them a personal item that nobody else could have done for them makes me feel way better than it would have been if i got them yet another toaster.  my family (primarily my sister) has received a handful of crafted items. i made that avengers purse for aileen, a tie for josh, and i have some plans coming up for a markham project one of these days.  and for those in need, much like my shriner's quilt donation in 2006, these monthly stash buster quilt tops has made me feel like my efforts are being put to a good cause instead of just hoarding things for myself...  like my giant box of fabric...
plus... all this sewing keeps me off my computer.  haha.  much like today, where this is being written mid fabric cutting.  i NEEDED a break from sitting on the floor!
and now part two, as you could guess....
where to begin?  i think i could summarize the feeling i get from photography after a long wedding day.  from the start of the day where everyone's nerves are going through to the grand exit, i absolutely love every moment of it. knowing that i was responsible for creating and capturing those special images that will last forever and be passed down from generation to generation is an honor that i cannot even being to explain.  the trust that goes in to selecting the perfect photographer is phenomenal, and when you're chosen...  it's a rush.
i love building connections with my clients, turning them in to more than just a "client" but someone i can connect with.  whether it's over music, movies, or something like the love of all things mexican food, i love being able to have these new faces in my life that become friends over the duration of our time together from engagement session to wedding day and beyond.
basically, it's more than just taking photos.  it's about creating memories, sharing laughter, and building a trust relationship.  and i couldn't ask for a better plan for my career... if this second part of the creating explanation made no sense at all, that's because i'm a photographer.  lewis hine said it best.
"if i could tell the story in words, i wouldn't need to lug around a camera."

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