Thursday, April 11, 2013

day 10:30 - 30 day challenge

day 10: something you're afraid of
and so i thought to myself "self... what should i take a picture of for this blog post?" and i replied "oh i know... how about that nasty spider in the garage??"  brilliant idea... i would so love to do that.
so basically, something i'm afraid of is spiders.  they just creep me out like nobody's business.  yuck.
in 7th grade, i went to this thing with a few of my classmates and our teacher (it was in berkley i think...) and one of the things we did during the day was look at creepy crawly things.  leah allowed the tarantula to crawl across her hand, but i know i stood as far away from that thing as possible.
and it doesn't stop there.  when i was younger, i would play down the street at cica's house, where they had this really cool sandbox.  well, it was pretty cool until a black widow was hanging from my shorts.  ughhh.
have i out grown the spider freak out-ness?  no.  just last week i was getting ready to leave from bryan's place, and when i looked at my sweatshirt on the ground, a nasty spider just crawled right across it.  i may have done a little freak out dance... but want to know what sucks?  he is just as bad about spiders as i am.  luckily, he'll get the big ones.
bleh.  so gross.  sure, i know they have their benefits, and eat bugs and stuff... but seriously.  they're nasty and disgusting.  yuck yuck yuck.  and i'm SO glad this picture is now forever stored on my blog... not.
a few other things i fear/strongly dislike:
falling long distances
upside down roller coasters <- one day, i'm sure i'll be forced on the one at california adventure.... i guess that's a good "one loop" starting point.
the butterfly house at marine world.  i swear it creeps me out EVERY TIME
now hopefully tomorrow i'll have a much happier, less creepy photo to go with my post.  fingers crossed.

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