Wednesday, April 24, 2013

day 23:30 - 30 day challenge

day 23: favorite vacation
geeze... all these topics are starting to feel so similar now that we're nearing the end...
well, i already talked about disneyland back on day 17, and i've talked about the bay area quite a bit.  so this vacation themed post will touch on the reno float trips.  whoop whoop!
the past two summers, jenny & i have voyaged off to reno to hang out with luke & amy at their super stellar home just outside of reno, nevada.  we've had a little dinner fest each time, and then we've also floated the river.  both times i've taken a disposable water camera, so that's where most of these fancy pictures have come from.  no way would i take my actual camera on the water.  not quite that brave.
the first year was the thunder/lightning "jenny is scared and curled up in the fetal position while driving" trip.  haha.  we headed up on a friday night, and then hung out all day saturday.  i did amy & luke's engagement photos, we fed some ferrets at her friend's house, and had a burger bbq out on the back patio and avoided the rain drops.  sunday we floated the river - it was rather overcast and a little chilly but we made it!  jimboys, and then the voyage home for us california folk.
year two kasey was in town, as was luke's cousin, so we made it a little more action packed.  we drove up on a saturday after i got off work, and had tacos for dinner.  hit up the casinos for a little night life action and got ourselves a "reno" sign picture.  sunday we floated... and boy was it worse than last year.  bad sunscreen = brutally burnt emily & jenny.  we went to sushi for dinner, packed things up and drove our burnt selves home.
since luke will apparently be missing from nevada for a few months, jenny & i still plan to head over there again this summer for some hang out time.  should be super exciting!  though this time we'll be sure to bring some fresh sunscreen.

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