Wednesday, April 17, 2013

day 16:30 - 30 day challenge

day 16: dream house
oh the dream house conversation.  this isn't the first time this has come up recently.  i'm so sure this is ever changing...
the fella surprised me about a month ago, and asked if i could come meet him at his place.  he had something he wanted to show me that he found, but wouldn't tell me.  after getting in his car and winding around some roads, we came across a small community of houses.  these were the kinds of houses you'd imagine would all get together and decorate their houses together at christmas time with the big character cut outs - you know... the ones that EVERYONE drive slow through to look at them all.  the houses that everyone knew each other, maybe even have a block party bbq get together.  basically, the kinds of houses that ALWAYS seemed fancy to me.  the kinds i would visit, but never live in.
well, he did ask the "what would your dream house be like?" question, as well as the "what of these houses do you/don't you like?" question.  we talked about things like the weird rock walls on a yellow house, round shingles vs. flat shingles, house styles, rooms, yards, the works.  and well, here is what i currently think my dream would possibly have...
  • a super living room
  • playroom for kids
  • office/sewing room for me
  • office/man room for the future hubs
  • bomb diggity master bedroom
  • super awesome master bathroom - i just watched an episode of HGTV where they had this cool bathroom with glorious blue tiles.... it was amazing.
  • kitchen that rocks... one that would make me want to cook more than chicken nuggets, taquitos & pasta roni
  • bedrooms for each kid.  maybe an extra for a guest room... because the house would be so cool people would swarm to visit us
  • yard that can be run around in, but not huge enough to lose your children in.  maybe a pool.
  • basement of awesome.  like that super living room, but feels lived in.  comfy couches, big movie screen
  • dark room.  yes, i still super want a dark room of my own.  apparently my dad hasn't been convinced yet (even though HE had one...) so i guess the convincing is on to the future husband

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