Monday, April 22, 2013

day 21:30 - 30 day challenge

day 21: picture of yourself
seriously... i have no recent photos of just me.  well, i do... but they were all taken by bryan.  which means they are all incredibly awkward, blurry, and/or are of me shoving food in my mouth.  so i did the best i could so search the old computer archives for photos of me and only me.  quite a few made me laugh, because they were from the old "myspace photo" taking days.  like that black and white one.  pretty sure that was my first myspace profile picture.  back when our den was still a den, and not my brother's room.  super classy, right?  i guess that middle row is as recent as they get, since those two are from last summer, with the outsides being from 2010 on the left and 2011 on the right.  it's not that i'm completely opposed to pictures of me being taken... as you could probably guess, i'm the one with the camera, which means they're either pictures of friends, or the long arm group photos.  hey, as long as a picture is taken, that's what counts right? at least i make SOME appearances :)

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