Monday, April 29, 2013

day 28:30 - 30 day challenge

day 28: something that stresses you out
ahh such an appropriate question this time of year.  it's nearly may.  and after may comes june.  and june means dance recital.  besides the recital rehearsal stress (6 extra rehearsals in addition to the classes i teach regularly, as well as now my play center job) being on staff brings the stress of choreographing, teaching and perfecting dances.  this year, i've been able to combine a few of my classes together, as well as with other classes...  but that still means i have 3 classes of "big kids" that i have to deal with have three dances each to teach as well as make fantastic.  at this point, i have two "big kid" dances finished and taught (finished it last wednesday) and like... 7 more to go.  thing is, half of them are things i have to finish choreographing... but now that the bridal show is over (that was another big stressor... stay tuned for the instagram collection of april that is basically ALL related that... haha) i'll be able to sit down and choreograph the rest of those suckers out.
a lot of my stress comes from me wanting things to be PERFECT... and feeling like nothing is getting done with a bunch of crazy hooligan children... but i know when it comes down to it, they're all smart kids and on show day will just go out there, have fun & do their best.
and the other part of my stress comes from me having to remember three dances of my own in the midst of teaching 13 or so dances.  oy.  once june 22nd is over and done with (and then june 23rd, because i'm second shooting a wedding that day) i might just sleep through most of monday until i have to go to the play center.  i've already warned the boy that he may not see much of me during the month of june... hopefully i survive it!

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