Wednesday, April 3, 2013

day 2:30 - 30 day challenge

here we are at day 2 of 30.  so far, so good! (and i preblogged this, so it helps.. which is probably what i will do with all of them at least the night before)  and now, on to today's topic...
day 2: meaning behind your blog name
well, if you've been following me for awhile, you know that the name has been constantly changing until i decided on this one that stuck.  first, we had "by emily, with love"  which actually still exists over here on a different blog url.  this began back in the craft fair days of old, where bag making galore was happening.  so i tried to keep it crafty all over there.  i had a blog header, but can't find it... it was a pretty wretched self portrait anyways... so maybe it's a good thing.
there was the itty bitty laptop, and at that time the itty bitty kitty.  still have both of those around.  sorta.
i was updating randomly.  primarily about my sewing updates for making those dang bags.  which looking at them now, totally boring.  2009 (starting in june) had 45 posts.  2010 had 6 and 2011 (january to august) had 5... wow.  goooooo me.
august of 2011 i switched over to a fresh start, and titled it "the best-est pebest"
it was cute, it was personal, but anyone that is not related wouldn't know what the heck a pebest was.  well, basically it was my other brother, telling me i was a pest... but it came out pebest.  when i was younger, i was called a pink & purple pebest by my dad... but trying to explain that to anyone was pointless.  i did a lot of weekend WIP posts, and a few other crafty things here and there, but nothing terribly personal and "fun" to share like day in the life stuff.  so in january of 2012, the blog became titled what it is now... toothpaste and orange cat.  why?  well, apparently i did a blog post then about it on january 10th, but i'll re explain if you don't want to go back that far.
i remember hearing on a commercial for some disney channel show way back when a brother telling his sister about how unalike they are.  one of the lines was "we're like toothpaste and orange juice".  knowing how blech the experience of drinking orange juice after brushing your teeth, i thought it would be a good basis for the re titling of the blog.  things didn't have to be coherent, or themed or anything like that.  sure i could share craft projects i did for self glorification (haha), but i could also include photos from over the weekend trips, share some random youtube videos, music, and random stuff in between.  a whole bunch of things that really don't go together, and keep things interesting.
and well, instead of "orange juice" it made a whole lot more sense to use something very me... something very my family... like a big fat orange cat...
yeah, the very same itty bitty kitty from 2009.  not so itty bitty these days.  and getting his irish self on for st. patrick's day last month.
and there you have it!  the basic summary of the evolution of emily and the blogger environment.
come back tomorrow for the day three... aren't you just curious what wonders it holds for you to learn about me?

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