Wednesday, April 10, 2013

day 9:30 - 30 day challenge

another post that i'll super enjoy writing!
day 9: a picture of your friends
i have some pretty fantastic friends, that's for sure.
from recent months, to years and years gone by.  i couldn't ask for better from those that have stuck around, faded out and found their way back, and those who have newly found their way.  so for starters, here is a picture of the local mass from my 24th birthday last november.
back row: bryan, me, matt, erika, amy & sarah
front row: chris, jenny & luke
these are all people that i generally see, talk to, or leave rude facebook comments to often. (kidding on the rude comments... mostly)  until jenny decided to abandon me for the bay area & her boyfriend, amy & luke were the only "out of the area" people located near the ever classy reno, nevada.  so now, let's break things down a little bit, using only the classiest photos i can find.  i know there are some more ridiculous ones out there of some of these friends, but alas, my computer and scanner don't appreciate my blogging needs.
the bff: erkia
for as long as i can remember, we've been erkia & emlee... and that would be since 2003 when we met over the summer in a super classy science class.  we've done quite a bit together over the years, and though we've had our ups and downs as most friendships do, i know she's always going to be there for me when i need. her.  everything came full circle of our high school plans when i stood by her side as her maid of honor as she married the man of her dreams last june.  so crazy to see where we were and where we are now.  this year is our 10 year "friendship anniversary" (friendiversary?) and we already have some pretty cool things in the plans for the next few months!  i can't say too much, or i'll be out another blog post ;)
the three amigos: chris & jenny
i do have to say, the three of us have had some awesome adventures together, and some of my favorite pictures on my wall are of the three of us together.  our santa cruz trip was probably my favorite adventure so far, and i totally want to do it again.  jenny's move to the bay area sorta validates that in an "on the way" sort of trip, right?? of course, we also have some pretty exciting "vlogs" we did a few years ago and they are equally hilarious, and possibly even educational.  well, that educational part might be a stretch.  you can decide for yourself by clicking here.  the one where we play WHEEL OF FORTUNE is probably my favorite.  and i think also the only time you see me in a vlog.
those that i had a potential road trip loop planned for: amy & luke, stephanie, lisa & lorelai & cica
- sure sure, i see amy & luke a fair amount for the distance they are away, but they fit perfectly in to my potential road trip loop that i had created in my head when the peterson clan moved to colorado last august. so they can still be included in this group.  it's always an entertaining time at their house in nevada.  minus the gnarly sunburn i got last year floating the river.  but that's beside the point.
stephanie (remember, she's the one who nudged this "30 day challenge" idea) & i met in 2011 at WPPI, and boy am i glad we did!  we bonded over nigel barker (yes, any time i mention her, i take advantage of telling this story) and fought the security guards to get our photos with him (and won that battle).  we hung out again the next year in vegas, and had a blast, as expected.  she's in new mexico, so she fits perfectly in the look.
- lisa & lorelai zoomed off to colorado last summer, thanks to the husband man deciding to go ahead with his dental career plan.  what a punk.  but seriously, lisa and i go way back... in a "we're cousins and born in to this friendship" sort of way.  adventures at grandma's house, sleepovers watching clueless, and in more recent years, talking crafty are just a small summary of the cousin-ly friendship that has happened.  i hear about a lot of people who don't really know or got to hang out with their cousins growing up, and i'm so glad that was not the case with our family (lisa's dad is my dad's twin brother... so i guess that makes us closer cousins than the rest??  sure, why not).  and of course, lorelai is my favorite little now five year old, and she's the silliest & smartest little kidlet i'm related to.  she's the cute little icing on the colorado cupcake.
- cica.  here's where the roadtrip loop plans change.  all was fine and dandy with her living in arizona, but i found out yesterday that she's moving to new york in may!  even better, she's expecting a baby girl in september!!  so much cuteness.  her husband bryan got in to grad school so they're in to quite the adventure for 2013.  cica and i grew up down the street from each other, just a few months apart in age.  we grew up on beanie babies, barbies & american girl dolls.  we spent so much time together when we were little, and it's been great that we've been able to keep in touch so well thanks to technology.  now i just gotta convince her to start updating her blog more often with new york & a little one on the way!  will i be seeing new york for the first time in 2014?  it is a good possibility!
if i talked about all my friends each individually, this blog would never end.
so here's to all of you.  thanks for being awesome!

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  1. I'm really upset to see that I commented on this on my phone and it didn't post here. So, this is what I said, "I think you are right, that does make us closer cousins than all the rest." and "cute little icing on the Colorado cupcake, haha. Love it :)"