Friday, March 8, 2013

green & orange "fat cats" quilt

i just got word yesterday that this quilt was received in the mail, so blogging this is now officially good to go!
over my two trips to vegas, i've come to know a group of fantastic ladies who have become great people to turn to when in need of talking business, marketing, or just an overall random pick me up...  complete with a lovingly sarcastic side dish.  alej announced that she was having her first baby, and of course we all got a little excited for her.  when i began my stash busting adventures for the year, i came across a bunch of green fabrics i had, and decided to make her a little something for her baby boy on the way :)
the first year in vegas, i went to a dinner at mas and lucky for me, i sat near some pretty cool peeps, and alej and her husband were in that group. what did we (and my dad, he was there too) talk about? oh, we compared cat stories. and basically, bonded over the antics of some fat orange cats we both had.  from that base, i decided to use the "fat cats" template that i've had for years, along with some of my stash and create this little quilt.
from far away, you can't really see the details, but here are the close ups of three of my favorite cats so you can see the whiskers & tails, which were satin stitched with gray thread.  i didn't want to use black, because it seemed to harsh against the shades of green.
the back was pieced together with the same shades of green fabric, orange as well as white. i really like how the back because a little bit more exciting this way, versus the plain solid backing. my grandma did the quilting for me, as usual. always appreciated for sure :)
if i was to do this again, which i may someday if i have another cat lover turned baby haver, which is very likely, then i may go the wonder under route versus the cats being pieced in. the toughest part was getting the cat blocks all the same dimensions, and keeping them even in both height and width.  and there you have it!
this was officially the 3rd quilt in the stash bust fest.  first "complete" quilt (not just a wham bam quilt top done)
and there you have it.  (hopefully) more to come soon enough!

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