Friday, June 20, 2014

mod chevron baby quilt - baby everett

apparently posting this week has a "modern baby" theme to that... and the two quilts that are in that theme... totally cool with that.
suzanne was due with baby #2 this march, and since i made something for her daughter britlynn, i wanted to make something special for the little man about to enter her life.  we had been e-mailing about other things, but i wanted to make sure i got a vibe for what their nursery was going to be like for the little one before going totally crazy.  she mentioned the word "modern" along with chevrons, polka dots, stripes, and a few colors and from there i had a basic idea and hit up pinterest, as i usually do when trying to formulate a new project.  i had done chevrons before (erika's wedding quilt, plus the stashbuster i did was chevron-esque) but i wanted a new take on it... after scrolling & pinning constantly, i found this pattern and knew it had to happen.  it was modern, baby, chevron & fun all rolled up in to one.  plus the pattern was a free download.  double awesome, right?
the difficult part truly came when it was time to select fabric.  i started looking at darker shades of blue, green, yellow & oranges trying to make it happen... but it wasn't happening.  i know lisa got a photo text of colors, but it was making me frustrated.  so i put everything back and hit the "nursery prints" aisle, and everything just made sense.  simple patterns, basic colors, coordinating.  it all just worked.  my only slip up was i didn't have enough background color, so i had to run back and purchase more of that... but otherwise, i was game.  it pieced together so easily, and the backing fabric was perfect.  add this to the list of fantastically favorite projects.  i would totally do this one again, but i don't know if i could ever bring myself to repeat this and try to improve it.  it's pretty awesome.  basically like a one hit wonder.
love it.
but of course, i'm biased.
pattern information:
mod chevron baby quilt
designer: rashida coleman-hale

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