Wednesday, October 5, 2011

bridal show congrats cards

like i said in monday's wips post, i signed up for my first bridal shows this upcoming spring. included in the registration i needed to include a raffle gift for each one. i didn't want to leave it as just a "here is the gift, the end" sort of thing, but instead i wanted to personalize it a little bit so that the winning bride & groom would know how much i actually want to get to know them instead of just be another "factory" sort of sales person as a photographer. initially, i wanted to make two unique cards, but since my cricut didn't have many preset options on the font cartridges i currently have in my possesion, i went with the same design on the cards, mixing up the color scheme a bit to make each one a little unique. i'm pretty excited for this next year, and while a little nervous for the whole bridal show experience, i can't wait to see how things turn out! i still have a booth to design too... eeeps!

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