Wednesday, October 12, 2011

dohs marching band spectacular donation quilt

each year at the del oro band spectacular, they hold a quilt raffle in order to help raise money for the program. this year i was asked to do the quilt (my parents are pretty involved in the band supporters... go figure) and after finally deciding on a pattern was able to get it put together and everything in a matter of days. my grandma made the coordinating pillow to go along with the music theme. actually, it ended up being total coincidence that the fabric was the same, but hey, it makes it THAT much better. she also did the quilting for me... something i recently attempted on something of my own, but i'm SO glad she did it for me...
even though it was a pretty basic quilt pattern, i really like how it turned out. squares and rectangles totally make things a whole heck of a lot easier to deal with, that is for sure.
and check that binding out! SO much better than the pirate mouse binding. a whole heck of a lot of blind hem stitching though. nothing that a few friends dvds couldn't make easier to deal with.
so that's that! at least for this season's spectacular. i'm sure something will come up for next semester when we have the winter spectacular. at least i have a heads up and can get looking for some fun music fabric now. so now, go to del oro on saturday, buy some raffle tickets so you can take this matched set home with you :)

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