Monday, October 3, 2011

weekend wips

not a whole lot went down in the sewing world. no fabric store trips, no mass amounts of glorified projects to rant and rave about, and no late date nights with rotary cutters and whose line is it anyway recordings. i did, however, hit up the bella vista craft fair this year after the eggplant festival. the past two years, lisa & i have had a booth at the fair, but between everyday chaos (and the fact that lisa went to st. george, utah this past week) there was no booth to be had. it was nice to not see bella vista for 12+ hours. we came, we cruised, mom found some ornaments, and we left. and that was that. between the crazyness of this week, i somehow managed to get one thing or another done... with a big wip mess cramping my clean room style.
t-shirt quilt j: i bit the bullet and "stitch in the ditch" machine quilted this myself. it's not perfection, but it is a whole heck of a lot better than my previous attempts. two more "ditched" need to be stitched in, and then it just needs a binding.
bridal show cards: i signed up for my first bridal show(s) for next year, and wanted to make some "congrats" cards for the winners of my raffle prizes. apparently only one of my cricut cartridges has anyform of premade "congratulations" related sayings, so i went with it and made a matched set. perhaps i'll show them off later this week!
scrapbook-o-rama: this is currently the huge mess on my floor. since i pulled my cricut out to make the cards, i pulled a scrapbook out and started cutting out the letters to go with some of the pages. i got burnt out pretty easy... there is only so much floor sitting that i can handle, but hopefully this next week i can pull a few more pages together to get the show on the road!

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