Wednesday, September 28, 2011

the bucket list

well over a year ago, ariana brought up the idea of a bucket list. so i started throwing random things on there. things i wanted to happen, things i knew would probably someday happen, and hypothetically ridiculous things that i wasn't sure that would really happen. in the beginnings of my 365 project, i took this photo, which was well before i started to read the series. now i can say this:bucket list #15: read the harry potter series complete
yeah, i know i'm a couple years behind the game... but better late than never, right?
when looking through my "bucket list" book, i found that i have done other things without even realizing that i can cross off... things like:

#26: raft down a river (tube... raft... same diff)
#92: see the beach boys in concert
and well, with all the weddings that are coming up, this one is sure to be crossed off soon:
#83: make a bed sized quilt
there are a few more that i had forgotten about, and oddly enough are a plan in the works, so maybe one day i'll have more of them crossed off the list... but in the meantime, i challenge you readers to make a list... 5 things, 10 things, 100 things, whatever! things you might do, things you think you would NEVER do, random things! try it, see how many you bring yourself to do, and then cross them off when they happen!
and now, i need to figure out what to read next. please don't say twilight... i may break your thumbs

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  1. For chick lit read anything by
    Jane Green
    Sophie Kinsella
    Marian Keyes

    I have most of their books if you wanna borrow!
    What other types of books do you like?