Monday, September 5, 2011

weekend wips

not going to lie... i'm pretty amazed with the stuff i was able to get done this week. i thought one project would be on serious stand by with the lack of the right tools to move forward, but the labor day sale at joann's saved my bum! i made progress on THREE sewing projects this week, plus one painted project. so very exciting... all to be followed by a fourth sewing project that has yet to begin. today is the final day of the labor day sales, so i will be out cruising the stores for the perfect fabrics to begin for next week.
wedding gift e: i got all the fabric strips together, triangles sewn, and once i did the count, i was STILL short on the final number that i needed by 26! UGH. hit the store on friday night, and i was able to get three of the four fabrics. yep. treking out to another joann's will be happening today to find that fourth fabric so the show can get on the road and i can stop cutting out triangles! although saturday night, i was able to sit down and chop through all the pieces and get them ready to iron out flat. the next set should be a breeze once i get them done since it will be in the 20s instead of the couple 100s.
wedding gift m: i was afraid this one would be on stand still for awhile since nobody was sure when there would be another gathering at grandma's house so that i could borrow lisa's tools. to my luck, i found a template at joanns, and was able to use a 50% off and a 10% off on it! all my squares are actually squares now, and waiting for me to brave out the next step and lay them all out to be turned in to a quilt top! that will require a totally empty living room though, so hopefully this week i'll be moving forward again!
t-shirt quilt j: i hit the store, got the orange fabric needed, and prewashed it to be ready to go all in less than 24 hours. after some fabric ironing and strip cutting, i busted out the whole top of the quilt sunday evening. it ended up being a bit wider than i had anticipated, but at least there will be no wondering as to whether it will fit his bed or not!
onsie set: busted out the google search for a good camera outline (found a great one) and went to town printing it out, cutting it out, and laying it down on the onsie to make sure it fit. used the chalk liner to trace everything and i got the first layer of paint down and drying. it has turned out that i like how the first one turned out WAY too much to put the lettering over it, so there will be a slight alteration which has turned a set of two onsies in to three! :)
on a side note, i finally finished reading harry potter and the half blood prince, saw harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2, AND made chocolate chip cookies. successful week? my vote is yes :)

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