Monday, September 12, 2011

weekend wips

another week gone by with some thing getting done, while others stood completely stand still since last posting. i got two projects completetly done (one being done to the point of the hand off to be quilted) and another project awaiting the next step. unfortunately, that means two were left at a stand still, but that is okay with me :)
wedding gift e: i managed to get the last fabric needed in order to get the last grouping of strips together, and if my calculations are correct, i have just barely enough to do the whole top. spend the greater part of sunday night ironing them flat and getting them ready to go in to assembly mode... which will probably end up being stand still mode since 11.11.11 happens before 06.08.12
wedding gift m: stand still... never got around to laying out the blocks when i had a clear living room.
t-shirt quilt j: stand still. out of being purely lazy and not getting something to go on the back. or a piece of batting. i suppose knowing the actual size would help as well.
onsie set: DONE! what started out as one or two onsies turned in to three that i'm really happy with. had some stamp letter issues (my letter N was and still is missing) but the other letters of the alphabet came through and were able to make up for it. i hope the recipient really likes them, and i'll find out on thursday!
donation quilt: i managed to bust out this quilt top in a matter of hours (thank you, friends marathon on nick at night) and after putting the back together on thursday night, sent it off to my grandma who is doing the quilting for me before she leaves on vacation. more about this music themed quilt will come when i get to blog about it when it's finished! it won't be too long from now, since it's not a super secret present project ;)
as well as all these projects, i finally got interfacting so i can bite the bullet and start to cut up my old shirts from high school. not going to lie, its kinda scary since i loved these shirts so much! also bought some supplies to do a cross stitch christmas project for my sister. unfortunately, you'll probably have to wait a few months to see that final project just incase her snooping eyes come across this ;)

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