Wednesday, September 14, 2011

pirate mouse rail fence

i thought since september is nearly halfway over now (what?! that is CRAZY TALK) it would be safe to post this little number that i was working on when i started up this fresh new blog. my aunt was in need of another baby boy shower gift (i presume for another someone that she works with) and so with the aide of my stash collection, i pulled out this fabric set that i have had for i don't know how long and made it in to a rail fence quilt!

i probably bought the fabric initially for just pure cuteness... if you know me, you know i used to buy fabric for the means of "this is cute, i might have a use for it someday" and nothing else... really, i'm working on that so i don't show up on hoarders someday for a vast amount of fabric taking over my house.

i even experimented in making my own binding. it is far from perfect, but for a beginner, i didn't think i did too shabby at it! and it was cuter than using bias tape like i always do. so hah.

the full quilt! it is all flannel and super cozy. and if our clothesline doesn't get used for much more than my quilt photo ops, i'm totally fine with that. so much easier than the aerial "i can't see through the camera so i'm going to hope for the best" shot.

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