Monday, September 19, 2011

weekend wips

more crafting went on this week, as it should! marks of it were left on the picnic table, bench, bathtub, bathroom floor, my shorts... the list goes on and on. no lives were lost, although there were some tears shed, and not by me!
wedding gift e: stand still... just as i expected
wedding gift m: squares turned in to a layout, and that layout turned in to rows to have their seams sewn and ironed flat. by the time sunday night rolled around, everything went from individual squares, to an entire piece that just needs a border. this could lead to another fabric store excursion during coupon commotion week to get some fabric!
t-shirt quilt j: stand still... needs a backing
donation quilt: got it back from my grandma on tuesday from being quilted, and it looks great! the binding was sewn down and then pinned around to the back on saturday, awaiting the mildly dreaded blind hem to stitch it down to the back.
scrappy square quilt: in addition to getting the donation quilt back on tuesday, my grandma sent along a whole box of fabric and scraps from her previous quilts for me to go through. this means more project potential, which will lead to more squares for the scrappy quilt!
t-shirt quilt e: well... i tried to wear a shirt this past week that just turned out to be too short... so even though no cutting has happened, another shirt has been tossed to the wayside pile of t-shirt quilt-o-rama.

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