Wednesday, September 21, 2011

projects of yester-year: beanie baby clothes

now OBVIOUSLY by looking at this sewing job, you can tell my sewing skills were pretty elite at a young age. seriously, my bio should actually read that when i was born i was also given three gifts: the gift of photography, the gift of craftyness, and the gift of sarcasm. okay, maybe that last one may be the truest, but still... i take what i can get. while doing a mass room cleaning overhaul, i found a little bag in my room, unsure of the contents, i opened it up and found these... shall we say, "classy" items? i instantly stopped what i was doing, rushed to find the nearest beanie babies (which was harder to find than i though. i was a kid of the 90s... the era of beanie babies and i couldn't find ANY in my room) and took them out side for a nigel barker inspired photo shoot. i mean seriously, those tail holes? a must have for all beanie animals. and those un hemmed edges were so ahead of the times that turned in to the now "style" of ripped jeans. who woulda thunk?

i am hoping that this leads me to be able to find a few more projects of the past. i know i for sure have the first quilt i ever made somewhere... not entirely sure where exactly i put it, but i know it does resurface every now and again like a creature from the black lagoon. that and the half a dozen half finished cross-stitch projects, because that is totally how i roll with those things.

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