Monday, September 26, 2011

weekend wips

saturday was a HUGE project overhaul. like completed as much as i could before i send it away to have the next step done overhaul. i'm sure you catch my drift with where this is going... but three fabric store stops later, things are going goooood. not quite to the point of being able to see my desk again, but it will get there soon enough. i've left off things that have not been touched since last week, in order to keep boredom to a minimum.
wedding gift m: this would be the reason for three fabric store stops. monday, went to buy the fabric for the border. two of the three fabrics found, easy peasy, but the one i had originally planned to use was not working for me. and neither of the other two fabrics that were in the quilt already were in stock at my joanns. so i bought my fabric they had, plus batting, and was on with it. wednesday was another joann's stop, saturday was when i started sewing strips, and once i got to the middle fabric, i ran out. another joann's trip, and more marathon strip sewing, and the quilt top became COMPLETE! the backing was also purchased on friday night, so now it sits quietly, awaiting my grandma to come home from the eastern side of the country so she can quilt it for me :)
t-shirt quilt j: bought batting and backing... now i just have to put the darn thing together! sounds like a project to come this week.
halloween costume: fabric and paint purchased, as well as $5 shoes! a size too small, but they will make due for one or two (or three) nights... depending on how much wear i get out of this thing. lisa is set to make me a hairbow, and purchasing pieces for the top remains before i can get cracking on this one.

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