Friday, September 16, 2011

camera themed onsie trio

what started out as one onsie turned in to two... which then turned in to a whole set of three!

If you've been following my main blog, which if you aren't you SHOULD be ;), you'd know that i have been building my experience as a wedding photographer this summer by working along side Doug Miranda shooting in tahoe as an assistant. i wanted to give him something as a sort of "thanks for letting me work with you" gift, and since he and his wife recently had their first little one this year, i decided to go for a photo themed kiddo set. i didn't want all the onsies to be white, so i dyed two of them on two different occasions. apparently i should have intentionally gone for a tie dyed effect, because thats how they tended to turn out. i did this blue one first, and once i painted on the camera, i decided to just leave it as is and let the other two have words on them as well.

the idea for the second and third ones came from my pinterest account. this one is appliqued on with layers of fabric and wonder under, then stitched to the onsie to hold it down. i busted out my 4th grade embroidery skills and stitched on the letters in yellow and orange embroidery floss to match the camera.

this last one also came inspired by pinterest. lisa had pinned a shirt on her "emily" board - yeah, i'm cool enough to have a pin board named after me - that said "momma's gonna snap!" and so i took the idea and ran with it! though somewhere in the process i lost my letter N stamp, and had to ghetto rig this creation that seemed to work out quite well if i do say so myself :)

i gave doug the onsies yesterday after my final schedualed second shooting adventure, and he LOVED them! his little 7th month old is sure to be rocking them soon, and i'm sure he will look pretty snazzy as dad's little assistant photographer :)

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