Monday, October 10, 2011

halloween flashback - 2007

so for the rest of month of october, weekend wips is going to take a little vacation, and instead we're going to have a little blast from the past halloween visit. the next four mondays will be dedicated to costumes that i have made myself over the past few years, whether it be sewn from scratch, or some bits and pieces put together to make something worthwhile. and to kick it off, we're going back to 2007's pirate costume!
i have to start off by apologizing that i cannot find a single photo of me in this actual costume. i know for a fact there are some, because i had my studio photo class ON halloween and as a group we had planned a halloween shoot. between this, that, and the other computer... well... i don't know where they are. anyways, these were quite the experience for me to make, since i had never sewn a corset style top before, or even with that type of fabric.
and check out my mad invisible hidden in the side zipper skills! yeah, i wish i remembered how i did that. love the skirt style. it's a circle skirt bottom with a yolk on top so it is a little bit more "flare-y" out instead of just being a simple skirt. this skirt pattern is making a come back for this year's costume, so be prepared to see that final one!
and here are the patterns used! the skirt was indeed a costume pattern (simplicity 4914) while the top was a basic "fancy" top pattern. (newlook 6671). and yes, i did fall in love with the fabric ON the pattern envelope itself and managed to find it!

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