Sunday, February 1, 2015

project plans for february

i cannot believe i am even writing this post right now... didn't january JUST happen?  wow.  last weekend i participated in the grow your blog party with vicki from two bags full, so i just wanted to give a shout out to all followers, new and old.  thanks everyone!  i'm so excited to share more projects and posts with you :)  i thought i would kick things off and share some of my projects i intend to work on this month, and hope that it means that these piles of fabric (plus one quilt top) will turn in to finished items!  i'll start from the top left, and work my way across.
kitten mini quilt swap
this again is my first instagram swap and after much fabric debate i finally got everything ordered and the final pieces arrived yesterday!  i have a super cute (in my opinion) paper pieced patter picked out, and hope my partner loves it too.  not quite sure how i'll quilt it, but that's down the line a little ways :)
disney swap round 12
i pop in to craftster every now and again to update my post recent projects as well as occasionally cruise the open swaps boards.  this time, i checked out the swap angel board and found they were looking for someone for a disney swap.  the poor girl has been waiting since the fall!  i sent a pm, and confirmed everything up and started planning before i even got approved.  once i was officially set to go, i went fabric shopping and had some other paper pieced patterns enlarged.  i'm super excited to work on these, even with their two week desired send out.  yikes!  guess it is really a good thing i only have one class this semester, and it is online :)
ruffle apron
this will be the fourth of these ruffle aprons i've made, and i suppose it is about time that i made one for the person who keeps having to model them.  my sister got hired at joann fabrics for seasonal, and they kept her on as a part time employee.  she was desiring an apron, but hasn't sewn more than a pair of pajama pants (to my knowledge).  my mom saw this fabric there, so we hunted it down and found a coordinate to go with it. this should be fairly easy to bust out, though i will probably have to go through and convert all the metric units in to inches yet again.  i keep losing my original copy!
catvent 2014
we're still at the same place on this one.  the top is done, the back is prewashed, and now it just needs to become one before i can move forwards.  i think i will keep with my original plan of a 1" cross hatch like the last one, since free motion quilting is still on my eventual skill list.


  1. Sounds like some really interesting projects. Looking forward to seeing them come together. How's that for making you feel accountable? :-)

  2. Hi Emily, I'm your latest Bloglovin follower, found you though the Grow Your Blog party. Love your blog name!
    Have a wonderful weekend!