Friday, February 6, 2015

what i love about being creative (and a birthday wish)

i had to think about this for a little while, and really decide what i enjoy most about being creative.  it has been such a huge part of my life, whether through visual arts such as sewing & photography, or performing arts such a dance & my color guard years.  i'm sure the longer i sat, the more of a list i could come up with, so i decided to focus on three target areas that are primary reasons i love to create things.
it is relaxing.
considering that my two day jobs are spent with a vast amount of young children, establishing their needs and helping them grow as individuals whether through dance or pre-k programs, some days can be quite draining.  it is easy to just come home and veg on the couch, but there are only so many episodes of property brothers i can watch each day.  creative outlets have let me be able to use that energy i need to release in a creative fashion and have an actual result to show for the day.  on days that i really don't feel in the mood, but need to relax, i go and wander the fabric store.  no kidding.  whether i buy something or not, it is relaxing just to walk around by myself through bolts and bolts of fabric just looking.  weird or not, it works!
i love creating something personal for friends
there is nothing that is more satisfying than finding a perfect present for friends, whether it is for their birthday, wedding or the christmas season, i love taking the time to plan, execute and deliver something that i feel is unique and personally made for that person.  this past christmas season, i selected pillowcase fabrics based off individual interests, hobbies or their work place.  jenny worked for the giants, so she got a baseball themed pillowcase.  kenny's proclaimed favorite food is sandwiches, so when i stumbled across fabric with sandwich shops on it, it had to happen.  granted, some things seem weird & random to others, but if it makes sense to that person, then that's all that matters to me.  besides, when i get something right, the reaction is all worth it :)
i love having something that connects me to others in cyberspace
with photography, i feel that i have been able to connect with some fantastic individuals in the area, as well as near and far.  with quilting and crafting, i feel that it expands beyond that so much more.  with the most recent grow your blog party, i have been able to see some fantastic individuals throughout the country and around the world to inspire me and keep me inspired and learning about new tips and tricks. through GYB and instagram, as well as my time entering and sewing along with the quilting edition of sew-vivor, i find myself following a lot of quilt creators now.  i feel like there is a magical hoard of quilty people in australia though. perhaps i need to visit there sometime and drink some of their quilty koolaid.  for now, i'm lucky enough to oogle from afar, thanks to technology.
and while we're talking about some creative lovin'....
it's time to wish this little goober a happy birthday!
while it is such a bummer that these people live far away now, it has been so much fun to see her embrace the carroll cousin craftiness and begin to make her own little projects as well.  she's got some exciting birthday presents coming her way from california to colorado which may help with her creative juices, and i can't wait to see what projects she comes up with next.
happy birthday, lorelai!
this piece of art was something i woke up to one of my mornings in colorado.  it hangs on my bulletin board over my computer desk and reminds me to try and have something be "speshl" about each day.
happy friday, everyone!

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  1. Dear Emily, thank you for the happy birthday. I miss you. I want to see you now and you can see my sewing machine. Thank you for the quilting books. I can't wait to use them. Love Lorelai.