Tuesday, February 17, 2015

weekend wips

after last weekend being a super busy one, and this one being extra long, it is safe to say it is time to play some catch up.  not only was this weekend valentines day (which i spent with my main man watching the dark knight for the first time, and he cooked dinner.  yeah, he's pretty great) but it was also president's day which meant an extra day off of work to catch up on craftiness.  basically, this is all a recap of everything that has happened so far since the february "to do" post.
kitten mini quilt swap
alas, i did nothing with this project.  i had high hopes that i would start piecing things together, but so far... nothing.  but i think now that i have a few other things out of the way, this can come together next.
disney swap round 12
these were actually busted out the day that post went live, and then sent on their way that following saturday.  i really hope they arrive to their destination soon, because i'm quite pleased with how it all turned out.  but since they have to go all the way from here to england, i just have to sit here and wait patiently.
ruffle apron
another "nothing yet" project, but i think once i get everything converted from centimeters to inches and cut out, it will go together quite quickly.  cutting is so not fun though.  at least we're looking at rectangles for the most part.
pudge catvent
yesterday i finally pulled this back out and took a look at it to get things going again.  i took the yardage i had for the back and sewed it together to be the right size.  my mom had an already opened batting from a t-shirt quilt she ended up pulling apart and revising so i got it all laid out and ready for pinning.  safety pinned the kitties in to place, and now they're just waiting to be quilted.  i have all the thread, i just now need to debate the importance of a walking foot.  i'm sure it will happen.  i just need to take the time to get to meissner's and pick one up.  then, it is onward to chalking and quilting!  for now, the pudge kitties just remain on the living room floor, enticing some gray cats to attack them...
"appreciation" gift
this was a little something suggested by our program director for the pre-k to do a little something for us aides to do for our classroom teachers as a token of our appreciation.  since our meeting is this upcoming friday, i decided to craft a little something for my lead teacher.  she's been pretty great helping me get situated in the steps toward being a teacher myself, and i couldn't ask for any more.  i busted this out on sunday from start to finish, and can't wait to gift it to her.

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