Friday, February 13, 2015

things that fuel the crafty fire

with being crafty comes the need for some crafty comfort. here's a little list of things that help me keep the crafty motivation going when i get in the zone for a long stretch of time.  really, it does sound ridiculous to some extent, but these things really seal the deal in to keeping doing what i love.
a cold beverage
9 times out of 10, late night crafting is supplied with a large cup of water, ice and all.  most often, with a lid and straw, since the general crafting area is prone to cats walking through or elbows being bumped (the less spillage the better).  i'm not a fan of hot drinks at all, or even coffee, so a cup of icy cold h20 (or dr. pepper for mid day crafting) really hits the spot
right now, my guilty pleasure is these dark chocolate covered pretzel crips.  usually you'll find a bowl of cheddar blasted goldfish or cheese its by my sewing machine.  so deliciously unhealthy, right?  but oh so good.
a noise distraction
much like blogging in silence, sewing and crafting in silence is no good.  if i'm in the living room, i primarily set the tv to something i've seen at least once.  reruns are great, especially if they're episodes of friends, big bang theory or how i met your mother.  another top contender is anything on hgtv.  they're basically all the same on each show, am i right?  occasionally on sunday afternoons i'll throw on a classic disney movie or two or three.  if i'm out of tv range, i plug my ipod in to my old computer speakers and either jam to my fall out boy music, or let it create its own shuffle playlist.  with 3,500+ songs on it right now, the variety could be quite interesting.
comfy pants
last but certainly not least, comfy pants are a must have.
so many times i have tried to comfortably sit on the floor pinning a quilt sandwich together to be quilted, and i just couldn't do it because of not being appropriately dressed.  in the summer, it's usually a pair of high school p.e. shorts, but right now its been my starry yoga sweats.  they're quite cozy and allow me to crawl around the floor without any grumbling.  the only thing they lack though... pockets :)

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  1. Ha! The moment I saw comfy pants I knew those would be the ones. They do look comfy and ready for sewing sesh.