Monday, December 29, 2014

christmas pillowcases - 2014

another pillowcase post.
can you say yaaaaaay?!  well, you should.
in the past, i've made pajama pants for friends for christmas gifts (might have been 2012 the last time i did) and this year i felt like getting crafty with gifts for my friends again.  so a handful of peeps got a pillowcase made to suit their likes/interests/whatever reminded me most of them.  only one of these people have not received their pillowcase yet, but i doubt he would even see this blog post before that anyways.  if he does, then he can deal with that minor spoiler alert.  here are the first three pillowcases of the bunch.
jenny's was actually the one to inspire the "everyone gets pillowcases" trend.  she spent the past year-ish living in the bay area and also worked part time at the giants stadium as an usher type person.  so it was very fitting to make her a baseball pillowcase with a hint of giants colors on it, as i couldn't find any actual giants fabric at that moment.
luke's is the second in the line up.  i wanted his to match amy's in a not so super girly way, and i think it came together quite well.  he's an outdoorsy man, and something about this fishing print that sort of matched the wedding quilt i made them seemed perfect.
amy's pillowcase was equally outdoorsy in a woodland creatures sort of way.  had i been able to find whippet fabric, i totally would have made her a pillowcase out of that.  but these deer and rabbits were just too cute to pass up.
this second set of pillowcases is for another married duo and an individual. only because that "individual" is the other half to my duo. while amy & luke's matched a little bit, these two not so much...
i saw this fabric at joann's and thought it would be perfect for erika and her love of wine tasting.  the bottles were a great color and not super cheesy with a bunch of wine types written all over them instead.  simple, but perfect.
erika's husband matt recently left the land of java city and got a job working for the railroad a few blocks away from their home. so of course, i felt it more than fitting to make him a train themed pillowcase this year.
this last pillowcase is for my "boo thang" as my sister and i jokingly call each other's boyfriends.  i found this ninja turtle fabric that was of course, the classic ninja turtles, not the newest formation of them.  my mom also made him one using a different ninja turtle print, so now he'll have a matched set for his bed  :)
and there you have it.  the pillowcase round up of 2014.

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