Saturday, December 27, 2014

where in the world? - baby boy quilt

i can show you the world.
here you go.
my aunt asked me to make another baby quilt for one of her employees, and this one was for a baby boy with a "travel" theme to it.  airplanes, trains, boats, hot air balloons, etc.  my first thought was to us a piece of super cute fabric i've had forever that has little animals in hot air balloons all over it.  once i re-found the piece of fabric, it was way too small to do much of anything with.  after a stroll through joann's to look for inspiration, i hit up pinterest as i usually do in my times of need and found this pattern for a world map quilt.  it was all applique, and seemed fairly simple to understand.  i printed off all of the pieces, taped them all together and sighed about having to trace all of the continents and tiny islands.  i got quite lucky, and my mom did that part for me.  i cut out all the pieces and spent most of thanksgiving laying them out and ironing them down one continent at a time.
usually i would have zigzagged around the edges to keep them in place, but that seemed exceptionally time consuming and something visually just didn't work for me.  i straight stitched the continents down and got everything ready for the quilting.  lisa and i both felt that a wavy quilting pattern was best, and oddly enough looked at the exact same ruler and thought it would be perfect for this.  bought it, chalked it, quilted it.  remind me to not use yellow chalk so roughly... there are still splotches of yellow.  ugh.  but i am quite pleased with the wavy-ness of the quilting.
the back was this neutral compass print that tied in with the "travel" theme quite nicely.  it was a perfect find, since the horizontal-ness of this quilt made everything else  run the other direction and this one was a non-cheesy all over print.
and there you have it!
this quilt was absolutely something different, given i usually piece things together and the "big picture" comes as the blocks form together.  instead, this one was a big ocean (literally) and one by one things got added on.  i love the simplicity of it, and how it looks like it should be really tricky, but came together quite easily.

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  1. You must be out of school again :) I'm lovin how this quilt turned out.