Monday, December 8, 2014

weekend wips

hang on tight, peeps.
it's finals week.
i'm down to 2 reflections, 7 peer responses, and 2 final exams.
the end is in sight.
baby boy quilt
after starting my pudge cat blocks, i established i should probably get this done as well.
i bought a wavy edge ruler to draw the quilting lines, and this past weekend drew a few lines, quilted.  drew a few more lines.  quilted.  etc. etc. until it was done.  and then i had to deal with the crooked-ness of the quilt, since my front piece was not the same size as my back piece.  once all were straightened and good to go, it was binding time.  and then i cut my binding 1/2" too skinny.  oops.  luckily i still had enough to recut and complete the binding.  now, it sits and awaits me to do all the binding sewing.  sounds like some parks & rec binging is in my future...  provided my sister is compliant.
these blocks have been coming together fairly well.  my first two days were a bit rough, because i had some really crummy white fabric.  wednesday got put off because it is my longest day of work & school (for now) and also i was mad about my fabric.  thursday i was able to get out and get new white fabric and bust out 8 kitties that night.  friday i did them in the morning after work, and then saturday was around 11pm... super long day.  so once i finished saturday's kitties at about 11:30, i did yesterdays, and finished them just after midnight.  kitty party hardy.  now we stand at 28 out of 100 cats already.  moving right along!  the hardest part so far is trying to mix and match all the fabrics without overly favoring another.  i really love a lot of the white on white prints i have, so those are easy to mix around.  the black ones though... i have a few very much favorites that i've been trying to do not SO much of... but don't be surprised if you see a whole lot of cats with black on black stars... that's the front runner favorite at the moment.  guess i should shop even MORE for variety.  am i right?

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