Tuesday, December 30, 2014

place mat & potholder set

after seeing some of my previous paper pieced blocks, my mom asked me to come up with a few things for my grandma for christmas.  i scoped out my options on craftsy, and found a few patterns to work in to something for her kitchen.  most of the things in her kitchen & dining area have hints of red to them, so using a cardinal pattern was a good starting point.
this was probably the tiniest pieces i've worked with yet, and surprisingly, it wasn't bad at all.  a little piece of orange from my coloradifornia cameras quilt fit perfectly for the beak combined with some black from the pudge cat catvent that is in progress.  it is quite amazing how quickly things come together when they are just 13x19 and not an entire quilt.
i am quite pleased with these little birdies.
my grandma was the one that bought me all these quilt tags, so of course i had to be sure to put them on these projects as well.
i finished these cardinals on monday, and then come tuesday i still had one more potential item to do.  i still had plenty of fabric, and so i put together a pot holder for my grandma as well.  the apple went well with the "red" theme, and seemed fairly simple.  everything went together smoothly until i got to attaching all the pieces together.  ugh.  that stem was a pain!  i ended up redoing it and then did the quilting and binding in its entirety before going to a holiday party.  success!
a little wonky in places, but it turned out quite to my liking.
and there you have it!
i love seeing small projects turn out quickly and exactly as imagined.
sure helped when working on larger ones in the meantime.
and now, back to the pudge cat blocks...

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  1. Now, these are really nice. I especially like the cardinals.