Monday, December 1, 2014

weekend wips

hello december.  how did you happen already??
we're back at it, my friends.  even if just for a little bit.
i apologize for the slew of posts that were just my 365 project for the past forever long.  school got super in the way for awhile, but hey!  next week is the last week of the semester.  hip hip hoorah!  anyways, there has been a little bit of crafting going on over here, and a little bit of prep work for a project that is set to start today.  yikes!  let's hope i'm not a liar about that once i get off work today at 3, and that homework and craftiness can play together hand in hand. this list is a whole lot less extensive than some of the prior weekend wips posts, with only two projects on it as of right now.
baby boy quilt
my aunt asked me to make another baby quilt for her, this one for a baby boy of one of her coworkers.  the theme was "travel" with boats, airplanes, hot air balloons and such for the suggested decor for the nursery.  i found a fantastic map quilt pattern on pinterest, and away i went.  my mom helped trace out all the pieces, and this past week i wonder undered them all, cut out the pieces and got them all together.  thursday-saturday i stitched everything in place for reinforcement, and then late saturday night i safety pinned the three laters together.  next, it's onward to basting and quilting it all.  whoot!
catvent 2014
ladies & gents, we're back again with another glorious catvent quilt.  last year's quilt was super fun, and i had pretty much been planning this one since i finished the other.  instead of doing the small 25 again, we're going big my friends.  super big.  100 cats big.  and not just any 100 cats.  100 pudge cats.  what's a pudge cat, you might ask?  this.
many of you know the love/hate relationship between my cat & myself, and when this previous catvent happened, i knew at some point i wanted to make one full of little elroys, almost in a 101 dalmations sense, but kitties.  perfect, right?  as you can see in the preview photo, i even have some pink fabric left over from my coloradifornia cameras quilt to give some of them little pink noses.  oh it cracks me up inside so much.
it should ideally end up the same size as my cameras quilt (lap size) and i just cannot wait.  i'm hoping to stick to the cat a day guidelines as last year - this year four of each "cat" each day but with all my class assignments needed to be done by december 13th, plus work as well, i forsee some days may get doubled up.  in the meantime, all fabric is prewashed and dried as we speak,the outside pieces for all the blocks have been cut and stacked, and now it all waits to be ready for things to happen.  be sure to follow along on instagram to see the kitty quartets as they finish up.
if you've never heard of this fantastic catvent before, check it out here at for the quilt along for it.  she's got some other super cute animal patterns on there as well that i'm dying to try in the future.
happy monday, all of you!

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