Tuesday, April 5, 2016

alaska 2016 - day 2

day 2 was our big adventure of the trip.
well, more like furthest travel away from where we were staying.
we got up early-ish and headed out on the 3 hour drive to seward, which is a little coastal town in alaska.  we spent some time at the sealife center, checking out the fish, birds and other creatures of the sea.  it was a nice little center, with a lot of things to look at.  after checking out the area, plus the gift shop, we tried to stop at a little restraunt to eat.  well, it was closed as many things were with alaska's winter hours, so we went up the road a little bit to thorn's showcase lounge... and what a classy place it was.  the walls were decorated in steins, and it had an interesting vibe to it.  we weren't the only people with a baby in tow in the place, so that made it feel a little less weird.  haha.
there was a quilt shop across the road as well!  but it was closed because it was monday :(
curse you, alaskan schedules!
on the way there, amy mentioned these mountain sheep WAY up high that looked like little tiny dots. because of the angle we were at, they were hard to see on the way there. on the way back though, i was able to get this photo of them. keep in mind this is from the car with my 70-200 lens zoomed all the way to 200, and they STILL look like tiny dots. crazy how they just stood on the cliffs like they did.  if you're not sure what to look for, find the tree around the upper middle and the little white splotches in that general area :)
somewhere on the side of the highway with a mountain. something that alaska has a LOT of. day 3's adventure was an exciting one, so come back tomorrow!

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  1. I really like that bird in the photo with Amy and baby.