Thursday, April 7, 2016

alaska 2016 - day 4

today was the day that amy had planned activities for. since we arrived, she kept telling us the reindeer farm is wednesday. wednesday is the reindeer farm. reindeer farm. 1pm. wednesday. well, here we are at the reindeer farm! this one was fairly local to palmer and we got SUPER lucky that even with it being weird winter hours we got the LAST tour before they opened in the spring. we arrived, and i was, yet again, wearing my target boots finest. luckily, they had loaner boots or i would have had to say farewell to my boots as they met their muddy poo-ey demise. the reindeer leader gave us a brief lesson on antlers and such, and then we went out to the pen to see them all. and even feed the beasts.
in the other pen were the elk, which were not to the same friendly level as the reindeer.
fluffy farm dog played with the reindeer, and the reindeer played back.
fluffy farm dog played with the elk, and the elk wanted to smother him through the fence with their hooves (or whatever their feet are technically called.)
this is a wild baby.
that evening we went and checked out the lake that is essentially in amy's back yard. it was frozen over, and while we weren't brave enough to tromp out across it, the dogs didn't seem to mind one bit.
alas, my next post will be the one to round up my trip to alaska.
it was quite the journey, so be pop in tomorrow for one more day of animal-y alaskan goodness :)

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