Wednesday, April 6, 2016

alaska 2016 - day 3

day 3 was our most adventurous day by far.
after the road to the exit glacier (creative name, right?) in seward was closed, we took day 3 and headed out to a local glacier about an hour from palmer.  the matanuska glacier took some time to figure out how to get to it, but after we drove a little further down the road we found the way to the entry point.  paid our dues and passed through the gate to drive closer to the parking area.  after getting baby to calm down a bit and wearing my target boots finest, we trudged around the self guided trek route and got closer to the glacier.  we treked around for about an hour and a half (i think) but could have easily spent SO much more time out there exploring and getting closer.  it would be way interesting to go back in the summer time (as luke keeps telling us we need to do) and do the same trek to see what it is like without all the snow.  and probably some better shoes as well.  but what do i know about footwear choice?  these are the same boots i wore when i was in rexburg.  in the snow...
this last one was the view from the parking lot.  crazy, right?
here we are, somewhere within the glacier :)
spoiler alert: tomorrow is reindeer farm day!

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