Friday, April 8, 2016

alaska 2016 - day 5

alas, the final full day in alaska has come to posting.
it was very much an action packed day, much like the others.
jenny split off to visit a family friend, so amy and i did our own thing in the morning, and then we hit the road to check out the wildlife conservation center out in girdwood.  on the way we stopped at a little quilt shop, which was fun.  no exciting alaska license plate pins though (just colorado so far, lisa)
there were lots of animals to check out, and after getting ourselves together, we began our voyage around the center.  a few of the animals included a wolf pup, lynx, one winged eagle, brown bear and porcupines.  oh!  and the foxes were adorable.  i could have watched them hop around forever.  we got super lucky and got to the bear zone right at feeding time, so they were up close and personal.
kayak eating bear? i think maybe.
oh those foxes...
we checked out the gift shop, where i picked up a pair of earrings as my alaskan souvenir (to go along with my clip for my camera bag to hold the strap on) and then we hit the road back homeward.
amy cooked up a delicious pork chop dinner and we chilled for the rest of the evening.
alas, the next morning it was time to head home.
all packed up to go, we headed in to anchorage and checked out a quilt shop (the quilt tree)
this one was amazing and oh so wonderful all at once.
so much fabric and goodness to look at.
i left with another souvenir (12 fat quarters of alaska batik fabrics) as any quilter would and should.
we checked out the toy store next door, and then walked in to a time machine and went in to a fully operating, still open, blockbuster video store.  seriously, it was weird.
amy took us to the airport, we unloaded our suitcases, and said farewell to the alaskan world.
it was a crazy whirlwind of a trip, and it felt like the last day went by SO FAST.
i cannot wait to get back up there again in the summer and see what else this state has to offer.
and maybe i'll actually own the appropriate footwear next time.
at least i now know what to expect!
that's a wrap on this chunk of travel adventures.
there will be a whole new round of posts coming very very soon.
i'm almost sure of it :)

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  1. A blockbuster?? Bananas! I wish I could check out that quilt shop ;)