Monday, December 2, 2013

happy birthday, bestest friend

today is the day that i've spent the last 28 days waiting for.
the day my bff turns the big 25.
this year also marked 10 years since we met.
10 years of chaos, of laughter of of memories
10 years of drama, of good times and bad
10 years of mistakes, of anger and forgiveness
10 years of inside jokes, of happiness and of joy
10 years of photographs, of awkward moments and days we'll never forget
10 years of having a girl i can call my best friend, the other half of double trouble, and the erkia to my emlee.
happy birthday, friend.
i hope it is the kick off of a fantastic year to come :)
lylas, always
and just for laughs, i found this cheesy old video on my hard drive when looking for photos. of course, it then had to be uploaded to youtube for all future generations to see ;)

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