Wednesday, December 4, 2013

november - instagram lookback

oh what a november it was.  busy for sure.  seems like every weekend i was doing something.  at least i like to think i was.  so here are a few of the non-disneyland highlights from the month.
- the day erika and i went to lodi for our sister's band competition (other photos from that day are here) and took a pretty dang good lookin' photo of us.  alas, our final photo at age 24... because as of monday, we are both 25 now.  so old, i know.
- betsy got married!  (more of those photos here) when i saw this card at the store, i knew it had to be the one... since dillon is a pilot and all.  it was fantastic to get to see their big day happen finally, and yet again, i wish them all the best for their lives together <3
- okay, so this cracks me up SO MUCH.  i drove out to natomas to have one of my friend's little sisters help me out with a homework assignment, and a few cars in front of me was this... a giant stuffed cheetah sticking out of the window all nonchalant like nothing was up.  i was dying inside from how hilarious it was, until i passed the car and it was creepily filled with stuffed animals all over the place.  hilarious, but still creepy.
- post disneyland, post birthday, i consumed my final cupcake from duff's cake mix.  so sad.  but at the same time, i'm afraid if i lived closer i would be there ALL the time and be a million times my size.  so yes, next time i am in los angeles, i will be hitting up duff's cake mix again.  now that i know what street it is off of, and the entire area is full of horrific left turn yields.
- started getting crafty again (finally) with the impending holidays, thus the weekend wips posts resurrected as well.  it has been nice to have a mental break from homework by doing something crafty and for a purpose other than just do sew something.  but one project turned in to i think five or six now... oops.  good thing i like the ability to pick and choose what i want to work on.  and have it not be homework related.
- the thursday after my birthday, ben came in to my room at the community center and said "yaya!  did you tell emily happy birthday?" so she made me a card.  and then the next week another.  and then the thursday before thanksgiving, she gave me this.  which is a drawing of me, with four crowns on.  i asked her about the crowns and i was told it was because she didn't have one big one.  so here i am, a princess with all my tiaras.  be jealous.
- i had a bridal consultation in lodi with a friend of lisa's and once i returned home, changed clothes and sat down for two seconds, my dad came in asking if i wanted to go see ender's game.  i knew nothing about the movie going in to it, besides it was about a game in space, had harrison ford in it, and was in my dad's top 5 of  all time favorite books.  so i went for it, and enjoyed it.  though i couldn't help but laugh when good ol' rico from the hannah montana days shows up as the mean kid.  RICOOOOOOOO!
- the day before thanksgiving, i "ditched" class after i got off work (aka was told there wouldn't be any in class assignments that day) and ran a bunch of errands for another one of my classes.  one of those stops included going to sac state to get a copy of my unofficial transcripts.  i was so sad that i didn't have time to go in to kadema hall and get a whiff of the darkroom.  i miss those chemical smells.  man, that sounds really bad.  i miss developing film!
- in all my craftiness & black friday failed sales shopping (beverley's didn't have much of anything on sale... boo) i cut out a bunch of projects, filled in some missing fabric i ran short on for another, and added 11 blocks to my scrappy square quilt.  someday that quilt will get begun.  maybe after these next few months of bridal & baby shower gifting.  which is just going to add more new fabrics in to the bunch.
as promised, here are the ride photos from the disneyland trip with jenny... just to drag it out one more post in length.  i can assure you my expressions are real on california screamin, radiator springs racers & splash mountain, but very much faked on space mountain.  jenny on the other hand, i think they're all faked except for splash mountain.

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