Monday, December 9, 2013

weekend wips

BOY did this week start off nice and easy, and then jet off like nobody's business...
after today, just three more days of the semester, and then there will be much rejoicing.  it was all smooth sailing through the semester, assignments due here and there, but last week... MAN it felt like everything was happening at once.  three finals this week, thank goodness two are take home (and already completed) plus a portfolio project.  one semester down, three to go.  but enough about that.  onward to crafty talk!
project a: this one got pushed to the back burner with all of the chaos of school.  i managed to add two more strips to each block on saturday, but that was that.  currently, the blocks are all residing squished between a giant cat encyclopedia and a sewing book from when i took intro to clothing construction.  topped off by a gargantuan chronicles of narnia book that has blocks from the catvent between it.  hopefully this week there will be more progress on that.  well, maybe...
project b: did nothing.  nothing at all.  it sits in a bag waiting to be finished.
project c: yep.  not touched either.
project d: this one i have been all over this week.  making sure i get my "cat" done for the day has been a constant that gives me a little moment to relax and take a break in between each school project i had to do.  the other day i wrote a paper, took a break to sew my cat for the day, and then came back to homework land feeling refocused a bit.  today will be the 9th cat of the project, and i think i will be sad when the quilt-along is complete.  granted, i haven't really connected with people over it, but it has been a fun task to keep myself doing something.  well, not saying that all those other projects haven't kept me busy though.  they certainly have!  and the other thing this project is doing is making my instagram feed look like i have no like.  which right now, feels pretty accurate.
other things that have been completed are pj pants and bridal shower invites are half done.  i bought the supplies to finish them off, and they are waiting for me at the sewing table.  which isn't where i should leave them, because they will either get lost, or licked by a cat... since they're currently in a plastic ziplock.  and our cats are weird.
so here's to surviving finals week... and coming out alive and ready to work on this, that and the other things...

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