Monday, December 23, 2013

weekend wips

not quite sure how today is already december 23rd... but that is insane!
this past week has been nice, since' i've only been dealing with work.  and after today, i will be off work from both jobs until next monday.  woo hoo party hardy!  i've found it is quite easy to get a bunch of stuff done with marathon sewing going on.  nearly all my projects are complete at this point (with one exception) but it will be nice to start the new year off with not too much on my plate.  and hopefully a cleaned up sewing machine if i get the chance to take it in today.  it needs a little tlc after all the hard work it has been putting in these past few months... or years, because i have failed to remember to take it in to get serviced.  oops!  but i haven't had any problems with it yet, so that's always a plus! (knock on wood)
project a: almost done!  i had a marathon of block sewing the other night, then border sewing, and then backing & batting panic.  but all those problems have been solved, and i think this one is going to be put away for a bit while i take my machine in.  (if i keep talking about taking my machine in, maybe i'll actually do it)  now that i see it all put together, i am so happy with the outcome, and so glad i had lisa here for a bit to help me out with choosing all the fabrics.  they went together super well... and i'm so antsy to want to post it all over the place, but i can't.  not until march.  boo.  but seriously, it will be worth the wait.  yay yay yay,
project b: the end is in sight.  this will be done soon.  so very soon.  even if i have to keep sewing on christmas eve in my bedroom.  or maybe if i just keep watching friends marathons on nick at night while caffeinated.  that will probably do the trick too.
project c: still waiting.  now that project a is nearly done, and b will be over with soon, and d is generally done on christmas, i can officially get it going.  with a month off from school, i see no problem with that.  especially since i need to have it done before january 31st.
project d: catvent!! oh i am so sad to see the end of this in sight, but it will be so much fun to see finished off.  lisa was asking me what i was planning to do with the final piece, but i am still not sure yet.  if it looks horrid, i'll keep it for myself.  if it looks fantastic, perhaps i'll find someone with a teeny tiny infant to send it to.  it's rather small in size, so it won't be good for much warmth beyond my arm.  and i can't say i'm a wall hanging kind of girl.  but i digress.  i am excited to see these batik cats come together (shown above are cats 21 & 22) and be finished off.  i am so glad i stumbled across this quilt along on pinterest and was able to start it in time.
other projects:  i have a few friends with babies on the way (3 i can think of off the top of my head) that i intend to make a little something for.  i've been scouring ebay for some cute fabric finds, and while i lost out on one that i love love loved (actually two...  sad face) i have found another that i have had my eye on to make something fantastic from.  those will be coming along shortly, as well as figuring out what fabric i have to start making stashbust quilt tops again.  eliminating fabric is so nice for welcoming more fabric in.  like the big bang theory fabric i just bought the other week.  no use for it yet, but i loved it. so it came home with me.  story of my life.
happy monday everyone!

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