Monday, December 16, 2013

weekend wips

and we are officially on to the weeks without school!  thursday was the final day of finals, and after a dentist appointment that morning, one take home final, and then an in class final, and i was home free.  well, after going to work, that is.  but all that effort has paid off.  it looks like i unofficially have straight a's for the semester... something i haven't done in possibly all my college years.  so i'm pretty pumped.  granted, the topics were easy to take in, and generally overlapped between classes.  but i'll still pat myself on the back.  it was a nice way to ease back in to going to school.  but now that is all said and done, it's onward to a month or so of straight up just working and crafting.  and basically working to fund my crafting.  and car payments.  oh glorious car payments!
project a: didn't do as much as i had hoped on this one.  i did get up through strip 13/19 attached on saturday, so that's a plus.  but once i got home from working a shift yesterday afternoon i started with a few other projects before going on to this one, and then got burnt out.  clearing out my dvr was far more my speed than trying to line up strips.  today though, i plan to knock some stuff out.  i just have 6 more strips to go, and then it's onward to creating the "big picture".  wahoo!
project b: this one i worked on post catvent and sucked the energy out of me.  i tied it instead of quilting, then made the binding.  i should have made it a little wider, because folding it over was a little rough, but i think once i start getting it going, it will look nice.  and then, it will be complete.  i guess i officially have 9 days to knock that sucker out.
project c: this one is more of a back burner now, but i know when i get around to doing it, it will go together super smoothly.  i showed jenny the bits of it when she brought me stamps for the bridal shower, and she thinks it is going to look great.  as do i.  because that's how i roll.
project d: catvent!  as you can see above, i am up to 15 cats complete, and today will be number 16.  i got tired of trying to keep them all in their places (herding cats is totally true... even with quilt blocks) so i lined them up and put them in their place for the final part.  now these 3 rows can't escape and i can see which prints i have already used where.  especially when it comes to those orange cats.  which wasn't even intentional to be the most used color.  it just ended up that way, and coordinates so well with the blog title, and resident fat orange cat.  putting all these blocks together makes them look so much better than being stand alone.  which is totally a case and point for you can never have just one cat.  in this case, you need 25.  or in the lap quilt size... 100.  which may become my next project of sorts.  or at least post march projects.
other projects: pj pants: done.  bridal shower invites: done, in the mail box, and on their way to their recipients.  super pumped with how they turned out.  if i get my act together, perhaps i'll blog them.  meh.  i'll probably blog them regardless.  whether i get my act together or not.
happy monday everyone!

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  1. Have I made it clear that I love these cats? 'Cuz I do. Do I know what projects b and c are? The curiosity is killing me.