Wednesday, January 22, 2014

365 project - 2014

so i know i mentioned this happening in a prior post, or maybe i just thought it since i can't find the post to link back to...  but anyways, i wasn't sure whether it was actually going to happen.  i didn't want to commit to something, and then totally botch it up and not do something.  so basically i put myself in a secretive three week trial period (since they say it takes 21 days for something to become a habit... i think) and see if i could make this happen.  and i thought i did, but it turns out i botched it already and missed a day during week 3.  but never the less, i have decided to carry forward.  so you'll get lucky with a double post from the same day.  ha!  here we are with 2014's 365 project.  instagram style.
i last did a 365 in 2010, and for that, carried a dslr around with me in my purse for the entire year.  the decision to lug a camera around with me again this year is what made me hesitant about it.  i don't mind it, but i was just not sure i wanted to spend my project focusing on taking fabulous high quality photos, or just documenting my life as it happens.  as you can see, i chose the latter.  i love instagram.  if you weren't able to tell already.  granted, i've got a plethora of cat photos on there, but who doesn't?  i've decided to use this media for the project since i always have my phone with me, and can enable it at a moment's notice.  switching lenses, memory cards and all that... not so much.  plus, it takes very minimal time to post and share, and then i can stay more in the moment of what's going on and not have to fumble with cameras.  plus everything is square... no dealing with vertical & horizontal differences.  i know, tough life, right?
so starting today, the official blog posts will happen on wednesday (providing i keep my act together and don't screw things up... again) but if you want to keep up with me daily as well as see the descriptions for each image, be sure to follow me on instagram @ wereradletshug  i will also be adding #project365 from now on as a hashtag, and in the end be creating a blurb book of the year.  so for today, here are weeks 1, 2 & 3 :)

and here we are, moving forward from the slip up, and onward to another 49 weeks of 365 posts.
happy still new-ish year to y'all

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  1. Blurb books! I plan on making a few at the end of this year!