Wednesday, January 15, 2014

new look, same great orange cat

if you haven't checked in since my monday post, well shame on you!  if you have, you may have noticed a little something different going on.  totally new look, right?  my christmas present from my older brother was a rolled up piece of paper with a black and white draft drawing on it.  two days ago, it showed up in my mom's e-mail colored and ready to go.  and here it officially is!
so now i feel things look a little more "together" and ready for the new year instead of an instagram photo from over a year ago.  now i'll just have to figure out how lisa made a button for her page that people can grab, and y'all can get a mushu button to put on your blogs.
so remember... if you have a random need to hire anyone for an animation project, or maybe even illustration... or just whatever you need drawn... check out markham's work at or on his deviant art page.

1 comment:

  1. Ha! I love it. He really captured the doofy look behind Mushu's eyes. A little on the slim side though! I don't know how the button was made. Having it designed was a prize I got off a bloggy contest one time.