Friday, January 3, 2014

pillowcases for the newest schuhs

when betsy & dillon tied the knot in november, i wanted something fabulous to give them that was one of a kind.  i didn't quite have the time to bust out an awesome quilt like i would have liked to, and i already made her a ruffle apron that i was stoked over how it turned out, and then i remembered something jenny told me awhile ago that made perfect sense for a wedding present.  betsy loves her pillowcases, and changed them on a daily basis.  and i just love to roam fabric stores, so i hunted for some fantastic "betsy-esque" colors to create some pillowcase sets for her & the husband man.  now the only bummer is that pillowcases don't really show much enthusiasm when being photographed, so try to show some excitement for them... okay?
i think the last one (blue & yellow) is my favorite.  the colors just blend so well together in all their complimentary color-ness.  but the green chevrons are also awesome... and i really like the shades of blue on the cuff of the top one.  okay, maybe it is a little hard for me to play favorites.  but my heart was filled up with happiness when betsy sent me a text gushing about how much she loved the pillowcase sets.
i can see myself making loads more of these pillowcases.  they went together so super easy and i love how all the seams are enclosed.  no frayed edges here!
pillowcase pattern found: here

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  1. I probably spent 2 whole minutes trying to figure out what a schuhs was before I opened up the post to read! Those pillow cases are very fun. Were you behind the ones that ended up at my house?