Tuesday, January 7, 2014

joshua's t-shirt quilt - christmas 2013

there really isn't much elaborate excitement to say about a t-shirt quilt.
i generally don't get super fancy with them.  just giant blocks to best feature the t-shirt designs.
my mom had been gradually sneaking shirts from my brother's closet at they got small, faded, over worn, or the favorite result, worn through.  i busted out this t-shirt quilt pretty quickly.  well, at least the front assembly.  chopping out blocks while watching SNL episodes is pretty convenient.  a few of his shirts had backs to them that were somewhat significant and since i couldn't fit them on the front, i figured out a way to work them in to the back.
christmas morning he did a good job of either being surprised or faking it, since so many times i was working on this quilt, he would come home from work, or pass through the living room.  thus limiting the time frames that i was able to work on it, or have it fully laid out on the floor.  all in all, its probably one of my better t-shirt quilt results.  all blocks look pretty evenly spaced and sizes without anything being super crooked.
yeah, i'm pretty happy with how that back came together.  i had the tractor fabric in my stash for another purpose, but it just fit so well with joshua's past desires of construction and building stuff.  well, i guess he still does that anyways, but it just involves lighting and staging instead of birdhouse kits & front yard trebuchets.
lisa asked me how many t-shirt quilts i have done... and i had to count it up.
i have 2 big ones and 1 small one (first one.  second one & small one apparently didn't get blogged or craftstered)
aileen has one
ben has one (which is more like two since it's double sided)
uncle barry has one
and jacob got his christmas 2011
so i think joshua technically makes #9 of the t-shirt quilt variety, and i am sure there are more to come.  i know erika wants one, and there have been shirts collected from markham's drawers as well as more from aileens.  as well as the kliban cat shirt collection.  man, there are going to be t-shirt quilts for DAYS.  good thing they're pretty simple to make!  just need lots of interfacing :)

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  1. Josh has a lot of great shirts and you've done an excellent job with this quilt. I wish I had more shirts from back in the say so I could make my own. I'm definitely going to be all over saving my kids shirts so I can do the same thing.